“I believe Dr. Hernandez changes lives. I met John about 10 years ago when I was the Executive Producer and host of a television program called ‘San Antonio Living’. I was looking for a medical expert that not only embraced traditional MD practices but also cutting edge integrated medicine. I believe too often doctors throw prescriptions at conditions instead of finding the root cause of the problem and treating that.

Dr. H was an outstanding expert for my show.

After getting to know more about Dr. H’s style and medical philosophy I decided to seek his treatment for myself. I was looking for a ‘wellness’ doctor who would not only be able to treat illness should something arise but also provide me with tools, supplements, etc. to have excellent health- maximum energy, brainpower, strong immune system, etc.

I have been a faithful patient of Dr. H for years. I’ve noticed huge improvements in my energy levels (no more late afternoon low spots) and general health. I am rarely ever sick…even with a cold, and I attribute that to the years of ‘healthy treatment’ I’ve received from John. I have a vitamin and mineral routine I follow daily that Dr. H readjusts every few months. I also adhere to healthy eating practices – no junk or processed foods.

Perhaps just as important as Dr. H’s medical ability is his ability to connect with patients. Dr. H is an incredibly caring physician with a huge heart. I believe he genuinely cares about each of his patients – his is a relationship not merely an appointment.

I have recommended Dr. Hernandez to a number of friends and viewers over the years, and they have always reported excellent results.”


TP, San Antonio, Texas

Re: Unbelievable Medical Results!

Dear Dr. Hernandez,

Words cannot begin to express my appreciation for what I have experienced as your patient. Here are the specific results that I have achieved for my age group:

* Pain Free!

* Great Sleeping!

* Never have Heartburn!

* Weight in optimal range!

* Almost never feel fatigued!

* Blood sugar dramatically reduced!

* Cholesterol            upper 10%

* Blood Pressure      upper 10%

* Mental Capacity    upper 1%

* Endurance              upper 1%

* Stamina                   upper 1%

* Energy                     upper 1%


I have had various doctors as my coaching and consulting clients, but you are at the top of the list in Integrative Medicine, which I believe is the key to improved health and longevity.


As an M.D. in the field of Integrative Medicine, you have my Highest and Unqualified Endorsement.


With Deepest Appreciation, I am



Somers H. White, FIMC, CPAC

President and CEO

Somers White Company, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ


“For the past three years I have been on a most remarkable journey. I have grown to understand, care for, and love my best friend: myself. Through this journey I have reached my goal of optimal health and I feel compelled to share this joy with anyone who is interested – friends, family, and even strangers.

Before I saw Dr. John Hernandez, my life hit a brick wall. For at least 14 years I sustained abnormal liver tests. I consulted doctors in Washington, D.C. and the Mayo Clinic. No one offered a diagnosis.

In the meantime, I was working in a high level, high stress job at the Organization of American States in Washington, DC and my health was deteriorating. In 2002 I left that job and moved to San Antonio. The last doctor I consulted here in San Antonio would not refer me to another liver specialist because prior tests (i.e. biopsy and blood tests) were inconclusive.

I quickly realized I needed to seek another path. My immune system was going down. The dental hygienist mentioned that my gums were becoming highly irritated and bleeding. My liver tests were getting worse and I was feeling exhausted.

For three months I pondered my next step. I have always been interested in alternative medicine. In 1995 I met Dr. Deepak Chopra and began reading his books. When a friend and healthcare professional recommended Dr. Hernandez, I contacted him.

Immediately I knew this would not be a typical doctor’s visit. I entered an exciting new world where I was challenged to take more responsibility for my own health. My treatment was individualistic, based on my body’s needs. I became more aware of the holistic approach and the importance of the mind, body, and spirit in the healing process.

Dr. Hernandez explained that the body, when given a choice, choses to heal itself. Our job was to build the immune system through nutrition and to eliminate toxins that impede healing.

Dr. Hernandez was the first doctor to suggest that high lever test results might be caused by parasites contracted through several years (starting in my twenties) of living and working in third world countries (the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Haiti, and some other countries). Our goal was to normalize these tests.

Dr. Hernandez is a caring, honest and highly intelligent caregiver. He communicates clearly. After the initial tests his prognosis was that I would start to improve in six months to one year. The road was not always straight or smooth but in the end I was amazed with the results.

All my blood tests normalized.

I was startled when other things began happening.

The osteoarthritis in my fingers went away within the first few weeks; the bleeding gums went away in a month; my borderline glaucoma was normalized after two years; and the fungus in my toenails (there for decades) grew out normally; my BMI improved; my skin is supple and clear; and, my hair is thicker and I am often mistaken to be ten or more years younger than my actual age of 70.

My younger Pilates teacher says I am now doing the exercises at her level of strength! My NIA teachers are amazed at my transformation and often mention this to other students. My husband and I do ballroom dancing and the Argentine tango several nights a week and occasionally undertake moderately challenging hikes.

My husband who was diagnosed with high blood pressure decided to see Dr. Hernandez. Within a few weeks his blood pressure was normalized. His osteoarthritis in his hips, knees, and hands went away. Today he remains in a “wellness” program. Neither of us takes any type of prescribed medication.

Dr. John Hernandez is a natural teacher. He knew I am intellectually curious and encouraged me to do research on my own. In the end, I learned a great deal. My views about medicine and healing are forever changed from this rich experience.

I keep copies of Dr. Hernandez’s brochures about the program and the diet. I share these materials with anyone who is interested. I have referred several friends who are clients, and all have been helped by Dr. Hernandez. Even my traditional (allopathic) dentist now has his entire staff on Dr. Hernandez’s diet.

My idea of perfect retirement is to relax, exercise and dance my heart out every day. To achieve this goal I need an optimum level of health. Thanks to Dr. John Hernandez, his highly skilled staff, and the higher power, I have achieved my goal.”


VN, PhD, Latin American Studies

San Antonio, Texas


“I have prided myself on being healthy, and took care of every medical issue by seeing my family doctor and taking all medications that were prescribed for me. By the time I turned 50 I had multiple health issues that necessitated several hospitalizations and surgeries, (in fact, the last one was a direct result of improper medication!). After all this, I was still no better, and in fact, felt WORSE each time. I knew that the underlying cause of my various ailments was not being addressed, and would eventually lead to more problems sooner or later. In 2006 I had surgery to remove 2/3 of my liver. I knew then that the time had come to change the way I dealt with things. In my searching around, I kept coming upon the name of Dr. John Hernandez.  He seemed to be the go-to-guy for people with unusual medical histories. I felt he might be the one, so I called the Center for Health and Integrative Medicine, and talked to the New Patient Nurse. I only wanted to know one thing. If she had one word to describe Dr. Hernandez, what would it be? I expected her response to be “caring” or “smart” or even “wonderful” (all of them would have been correct, I later learned) but instead she thought a second and said “thorough”. What a wonderful word! He IS detailed and thorough! Finally, a doctor who would listen! A doctor who would take notes!  A doctor who would look at all the blood work, lab reports etc.! A doctor who would actually piece together my medical history to tell me “why”.

I’d like to say that Dr. Hernandez saved my life, but he didn’t…he just gave it back to me!”


CO, San Antonio, Texas


“I got sick and lost an excessive amount of weight in a short amount of time. When I visited my doctor, he ran several tests and sent me to numerous specialists with no conclusive results. My husband then suggested that I see Dr. Hernandez for an alternative approach. After assessments and extensive labs, he designed a vitamin and detoxing program specifically for me with careful monitoring.

It has been a three-year journey with many ups and downs; however my health has become at least 90% better than the first time I walked into Dr. Hernandez’ office. Within a period of eight months, I began to be the person that I was before falling ill. By the end of the first year, my family and friends began to notice a remarkable change with my health as well as my mind.

Today I feel that I have had a quality of life return to me that I didn’t really understand that I had lost until I gained a large percentage of it back. I would hope that no one would ever have to go through what I have gone through. However, if they do, I would highly recommend that they try and understand what Dr. Hernandez’ programs can do for them.”


SR, San Antonio, Texas

“I come from a family with a pretty serious history of heart disease, so I had decided long ago that I would practice preventive medicine. I considered myself a pretty health eater and I took a lot of supplements on my own, but how did I know that what I was taking was right for me? When my dentist…. recommended Dr. Hernandez, I knew that it was time for me to investigate him being the “captain of my ship”.

On my initial visit with Dr. Hernandez in October 2006, I was convinced this path of wellness was the one I wanted to be on. I knew that if a serious illness did strike me, I wanted to have a homeopathic support team in place that would compliment, or perhaps, replace traditional western treatment.

Since following Dr. Hernandez’s wellness plan, I feel that I have a much increased energy level. I am amazed that every time he “tweaks” my plan I benefit both physically and emotionally. “Brain fog” is a thing of the past for me.

For those considering following a more holistic approach to their health care, it is comforting to know that Dr. Hernandez has the credentials of western medicine behind him. I feel I have the benefit of his knowledge of both practices. He is a great “ship’s captain”!”


DB, Texas