Dr. Hernandez performs a medical history, physical examination, and laboratory testing. Additionally, he has also developed and utilizes a distinctive integrative health model to assist patients in reclaiming their health, improving quality of life, and enhancing well-being.

How do I set up a medical appointment with Dr. Hernandez?

To schedule a medical appointment to see Dr. Hernandez, here is what you do:

M-F during our office hours and you can speak to our office coordinator.

How do I know if Dr. Hernandez can help my specific condition or book an appointment?

Please see the FAQ page and Conditions Helped by Integrative Medicine page to help clarify this.


Then, if you are interested, call our office and speak to our Office Coordinator during normal office hours Monday-Friday at 512-354-1122. We will review your situation, answer your questions (and ask a few of our own) and, if appropriate, we will assist you in booking a new patient appointment with Dr. Hernandez.

Do you accept my health insurance?

We do not accept any private health insurance, HMOs, Medicare, or Medicaid. Payment is expected at the time of your office visit. Please see FAQ Page for more information.

Call our offices at: