about Dr Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez blends a variety of conventional and natural approaches such as functional medicine, food and dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, stress reduction, laboratory testing, and other natural therapies to assist patients in returning towards optimal health.

John D. Hernandez, M.D. is a conventionally trained and board certified medical doctor of Internal Medicine and residency trained in Emergency Medicine. Additionally, he has studied and trained in functional medicine, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, stress reduction, and other natural health methods for over 20 years. Seeing the need for a more integrative approach to medicine, Dr. Hernandez founded The Center for Health & Integrative Medicine in 1997.

While conventional medications can be useful and sometimes necessary, they often only control symptoms of disease rather than restore health. Integrative Medicine is focused on identifying and correcting the “root causes” of illness to assist the body in naturally returning to a healthier state....

Dr. Hernandez’s advanced training and medical background with prescription medications, combined with his extensive knowledge and expertise in functional medicine, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and other natural methods allows Dr. Hernandez to offer patients a truly integrative approach to health. By focusing on identifying and solving the “root causes” of illness, Dr. Hernandez has helped many patients find real solutions to their health challenges and guide them back towards optimal health.

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